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Intellectual property protection, management and enforcement is crucial to safeguard your brand, inventions, ideas, applications, designs, products and other IP assets against infringement.

Protecting your intellectual property from infringement and violation isn’t just your responsibility, it’s your right, and as experienced intellectual property and copyright issues professionals, NovelIP will help you every step of the way. From the inception of your idea through to commercialisation and enforcement.

Intellectual property is defined as the property of your mind or proprietary knowledge and protecting your idea, design, application or process, is critical when you are planning on capitalising on that idea in a commercial venture.

Protecting your intellectual property correctly will ensure that your right to preserve your intellectual property is enforceable. As business owners, inventors and designers, navigating complex intellectual property issues can be complicated and throughout the process, a qualified intellectual property attorney is an invaluable asset.

When it comes to the enforcement of intellectual property rights, understanding your rights as a holder of an idea, a trademark, a patent, a design or invention, is crucial to protecting your intellectual property and enforcing those rights.

The complexities of intellectual property and copyright issues include: from the initial question of whether an intellectual property violation has occurred to the process of the enforcement of intellectual property rights; NovelIP takes the complexity out of intellectual property issues for our clients, reducing your stress and overwhelm.

They will also be able to provide expert intellectual property advice on your specific situation and the situations that may arise in the future.

Having a trusted intellectual property attorney on your side will give you peace of mind that your intellectual property is being protected, this is where NovelIP comes in.

How NovelIP can help you:

Intellectual Property Investigations
With close to 20 years’ experience as an intellectual property attorney and IP investigator, our Principal, Kristine van Ruiten, has an in-depth understanding of every aspect of intellectual property, infringement of intellectual property rights and how to conduct thorough intellectual property reports. As an experienced and Registered Australia Trade Marks Attorney, Kristine understands the complexities of intellectual property and trade marks investigations.

Intellectual Property Enforcement
Whether you run a traditional business or an online business, NovelIP will help you to establish whether there has been an infringement of your intellectual property rights and ensure that the correct process is followed. With intellectual property infringements, it's not enough to merely establish use: intellectual property matters pivot on such things as priority dates, nature of use, geographic limitations, identity of the user, how and who applied the trade marks to the goods and or services.

NovelIP can help you to identify similarities of goods and services, counterfeit, infringing or closely resembling goods, as well as attend trade-only exhibitions and shows allowing us access to wholesalers and importers to identify counterfeit goods before they hit the retail market.

NovelIP are also specialists in helping you to protect your brand from online counterfeiters and investigating trademark infringements and infringements of intellectual property in the online environment.

The owner and primary investigator of NovelIP, Kristine van Ruiten, is a Registered Australian Trade Marks Attorney, who holds a Masters of Intellectual Property Law from the University of Melbourne and has nearly 20 years’ experience conducting investigations and strategic research covering all aspects of intellectual property including trade marks, designs, patents, copyright, plant breeders’ rights, trade practises (misleading and deceptive conduct) and trade secrets.

The identification of an intellectual property violation can be hard to do, as well as understanding and dealing with intellectual property and copyright issues. It is important to stay on top of infringements of intellectual property in order to keep your trademark and business profitable.

NovelIP stays abreast of the latest developments in intellectual property law and practice as well as general developments and case law around evidence collection such as Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Apple Pty Ltd (No 3) [2018] FCA 617 (8 May 2018).

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Our intellectual property reports are provided in a format that can be easily transferred into a Statutory Declaration or Affidavit for use by our clients moving forward.

NovelIP pride ourselves on working on brief, on time and on budget. Do you need intellectual property advice? Please contact us and a trademark consultant will be in contact to discuss a strategy that meets your objectives and budget.

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